Classical Greece Culture






Athens Treasury at Delphi

Delphi Greece and the Oracle

The Oracle at Delphi drew people from all over Classical Greece to seek her answers to whatever was most important to them.

And today people still go to Delphi to see where the Oracle made her pronouncements, and where the other cities donated buildings and gifts to her mentor at the Temple of Apollo.

See Delphi Greece Oracle.

Additional Places in Greece

We will explore these Classical Greek cities and their most compelling features in future articles:







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Classical Greece Culture

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Ancient Sparta, Greece

Sparta King Leonidas

Sparta established itself very early as a military power in Greece with its unstoppable land army. So it was a great surprise to the Spartans when Athens became a great sea power and their major rival. 

But the battles between Sparta and Athens -- both military and political -- also brought forth some remarkable individuals who deserved the honors heaped upon them.

See Ancient Sparta, Greece.

How much of Classical Athens and Greece can we still see today in the cities and in the arts? And what is the fascinating history behind each of them during that Golden Age? Discover all of those things here in beautiful detail and pictures.

Classical Greece Culture

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