Pericles and Aspasia

Pericles and Aspasia

Everyone knows that Pericles was the leader of Athens during its Golden Age, and was the general of its armies. Yet it is the personal side of his life that reveals the most about this incredibly influential man. He was as exemplary in his devotion to Aspasia as he was in his devotion to Classical Athens.

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As a rich young Greek woman in the city  of Miletus, Aspasia made an unusual choice in life by becoming a hetaira professional woman. Then she moved to Athens and sought to live among the most powerful people in its society. And she succeeded. Her life was an incredible journey and we see some of it here.

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How much of Classical Athens and Greece can we still see today in the cities and in the arts? And what is the fascinating history behind each of them during that Golden Age? Discover it here in beautiful detail and pictures.

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Socrates and Aspasia

Socrates and Aspasia

Socrates became one of the world's greatest philosophers, but did it in a unique way. Here we see him as not only an educator, but as someone who had to make his way through a society of high-powered people. One of his allies on that journey was Aspasia, who had been well-educated in Miletus before coming to Athens.

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