Ancient Athens Agora Map




Ancient Agora of Athens Map

Ancient Agora of Athens Map

The Agora of Ancient Athens

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens has done some remarkable work excavating and documenting the ancient Agora of Athens, including making the map shown above.

As you can see on the map, the contributions of different "ages" in the city's life are shown in color as follows:





1.   Panathenaic Way

2.   Altar of the Twelve Gods

3.   Stoa of Zeus Eleutherios

4.   Temple of Apollo Patroos

5.   Hephaisteion

6.   Tholos

7.   Bouleuterion

8.   Metroon

9.   Monument of the Eponymous Heroes

10. Boundary Stones

11. Southwest Area

12. Southwest Fountain House

13. Aiakeion

14. South Stoa I

15. Southeast Fountain House

16. Mint

17. Middle Stoa

18. East Building

19. South Stoa II

20. Late Roman Fortification Wall

21. Library of Pantainos

22. Stoa of Attalos

23. Law Courts

24. Odeion of Agrippa

25. Temple of Ares

26. Northwest Corner Herms

27. Royal Stoa

28. Stoa Poikile

One of the most beautiful and recognizable buildings in the Agora was -- and still is -- the temple of Hephaistus (site 5 on the map). It was built at the same time as the Parthenon, but by good fortune has been very well preserved. Hephaistus was the god of craftsmen and metal workers, which is why his temple was put here among the craftsmen of ancient Athens. It stands atop a small hill, giving it a clear view over the whole Agora.

Agora Athens Temple of Hephaistus

The Temple of Hephaistus as it appears in the Agora of ancient Athens today

The ASCSA has provided a beautifully illustrated 52-page book on the Agora and you can read it for free here.  

For additional reading:

Camp, John M. The Athenian Agora: Site Guide  Athens: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2010.

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Ancient Athens Agora Map

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Ancient Athens Agora Map

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