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On the Acropolis 

Everyone knows about the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Classical Athens, but what about its other treasures? Here we explore what else is to be found on this shining beacon of Greece's Golden Age. Enjoy this fresh look at the Athens Acropolis.

The Spartan Rivalry 

Sparta was the leading land power in Classical Greece. It was a surprise to them when the Athenians emerged as the greatest sea power among the Greeks. The confrontations between these two prominent cities led to the drastic Peloponnesian War that drew in most of the other Greek cities and affected their destinies as well. The account of this war by Thucydides revealed much about the Golden Age of Greece. See some  of the twists and turns of this tumultuous relationship in Ancient Sparta.

The Oracle at Delphi 

Among all the cities of classical Greece the Oracle at Delphi held a compelling power. It caused their leaders to travel to this city in search of guidance before virtually every large war or momentous decision. As she sat on a tripod chair she became consumed in throes of passion and spoke on behalf of Apollo in his magnificent temple there. See the treasures that still remain at Delphi.

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Euripides and his plays


He was the undisputed leader of Classical Athens for thirty years. Yet it is the personal side of his life that now reveals much more about him.

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This world-renowned philosopher was the son of a stonemason. How did he raise himself to the highest ranks of understanding and teaching?

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A young woman from a rich Greek family went via the sex trade to the elite level of society in Classical Athens. This is the story of her remarkable journey.

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Knights Templar

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How much of Classical Athens can we still see today in the City and in the Arts? 

And what is the fascinating history behind them during the Golden Age of Greece?

 Discover all these things here in beautiful detail.

Great New Book

The latest addition to our bookshelf is Ancient Athens: Five Intriguing Lives by historian Sanford Holst. The compelling stories of these people give a fascinating look inside Athens and its rise to the golden age. They are Socrates the philosopher, Pericles the statesman, Aspasia the courtesan, Peisistratos the innovator, and Alcibides the general. Highly recommended.

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Golden Age

The people of Classical Athens felt moments of deep despair and then victories that were truly exhilarating. 

The Persians destroyed much of Athens in 480 BC. But the Athenian people promptly returned to their city and resolved to raise it to greater heights than ever before.

Pericles led Athens into its Golden Age of magnificent architecture, fine arts, democracy and philosophy.  Then the Peloponnesian War brought the lights down on that brilliant performance.

But much of their Golden Age remains, and we are devoted to bringing it to life again. 

In the Athens Agora

The Agora was the beating heart of Classical Athens. Originally it was a marketplace which contributed to the wealth of the city. Then Athenians kept adding civic buildings year by year until they achieved the rich combination of edifices that are still visible in the Agora today. The detailed map shown here peels back the layers so that the beauty of Classical Athens emerges once more in this article on the Ancient Agora.